Edubuntu 11.04 Alpha2 发布


Edubuntu 11.04 (代号:Natty Narwhal) 将于2011年4月发布的下一个Edubuntu版本。


DVD iso文件



  • The Gartoon icon theme has been replaced by the much improved Gartoon Redux icon theme
  • A selection of fonts have been added via the edubuntu-fonts meta-package
  • Live environments now have a live welcome greeter
  • Edubuntu now has a text Plymouth theme that displays “Edubuntu” instead of “Ubuntu” with Edubuntu colours
  • Yorick and Lightspeed has been added to tertiary selection
  • Lightspeed has been added to the secondary selection meta-package
  • Arkose, Tuxguitar, Opendict and Grokking the Gimp has been added to the desktop meta-package
  • Stellarium replaces Kstars
  • Geogebra replaces Kalgebra
  • The iTalc link has been removed from the Live system since iTalc does not work on Live systems
  • Menu cleanup has begun, some entries have better descriptions and icons now


  • AMD64 is uninstallable out of the box due to a bug in Webkit, please remove the ubiquity-slideshow-edubuntu package before starting the installation process. (LP: 710582)
  • The Edubuntu live welcome greeter currently crashes on AMD64 due to a Webkit bug present on this platform. (LP: 710582)
  • iTalc crashes soon after startup on live sessions (LP: #438637)
  • Certain Edubuntu packages are removed when they shouldn’t be (LP: #711904)
  • Update manager prompts for file changes on unchanged sudoers file (LP: #711918)
  • LTSP won’t work due to a nbd-client issue and a gnome-session issue. A workaround exists by removing /opt/ltsp//usr/share/ldm/rc.d/I01-nbd-update from the chroot and running “sudo ltsp-update-image”. Once that’s done, make sure to always select “Classic Desktop” as session type or login will fail. (LP: #711951)
  • The Unity session in Edubuntu is still work in progress, it’s recommended to test using the Ubuntu Classic Desktop from the login screen instead.
  • The Installer slideshow still shows that Edubuntu 10.10 is being installed, this has no impact on the installed system and the slideshow will be updated for the next alpha release
  • Edubuntu is currently reviewing package selections, some packages installed in this release will not be in the final release.

更多信息参见Natty Narwhal Technical Overview wiki page





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